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JBS Awareness Foundation


We are an all-woman Colorado non-profit organization whose mission is to bring awareness and raise money for social causes. Together, we are advocating for our fellow brothers and sisters one event at a time, locally and globally.


We believe that all women have all they need to succeed in their personal, business, and philanthropic life. Our events inspire and empower women to bring positive change by getting involved with philanthropy. Our core event is Wine & Dresses, which is hosted once a year. It aims to equip and empower women and children to get involved and be aware of social issues.


We care, we are passionate, and we believe that a community that works together to create solutions to our community’s needs is a powerful one. At the JBS Awareness Foundation, we are a community. We pride ourselves on our core values – RESPECT, AWARENESS, IMPACT, and TRANSFORMATION. To create and maintain a positive and welcoming culture at all of our events, we promise to hold to the following guiding principles:

Respect: We honor and respect everyone’s opinion and acknowledge that every woman has a unique voice and journey. From participants and customers to vendors, donors, and volunteers, we foster an environment where everyone is shown respect and appreciation for those around us. We are grateful for their time and thankful for their service. We model a positive attitude and provide a safe environment at all times.

Awareness: Through public relations, community engagement, and social media marketing, we work to rally our community support and raise money to help solve and bring awareness to social issues, locally and globally.

Impact: With our events, we strive to make a positive and lasting impact on our communities and the lives of women and children. According to UNICEF, women who are empowered to take action, whether through programs led by governments, non-governmental organizations, or those driven by the community, often positively influence the lives of other women and their communities.

Transformation: Giving transforms. We all have within us a yearning to make a difference. JBS Awareness Foundation provides the platform to fulfill that fundamental human need through its year-round events.